Extracting Oil from Algae

The Best source for creating Algae oil and repetitive growth of Algae is through an open-air Algae photobioreactor method.

Algae - could be 1.great power source for fuel vs. petroleum 2. A protein for feeding livestock 3. fiber for products 4. Healthy for human consumption and wellness. We see the missing link here being the “extraction process”, unlike the extraction of nut oil from within the nut/seed by simply squishing it with a big rolling pin.

Algae (which produces 50 times the amount of oil a nut or seed does) the process of the rolling pin does not seem to work this way because squishing it destroys the lipids in the algae. The only process so far that has apparently been successful is extraction of Algae oil by way of chemically inducing the lipids to detach.

The Best source for creating Algae oil and repetitive growth of Algae is through an open air Algae photobioreactor method. This is an open air, shallow water, man made or man influenced, circular river that has motion created by gravity receiving the water from the clear Awesome FreshWater pyramid.

For the purposes of low cost the photobioreactor is created in the ground because the soil is easily manipulated into a large ditch/river, then lined with a liner for easily reclaiming algae off the smooth surface.

With the open air bioreactor the Algae is able to benefit from being fed by the already present CO2 in the air and any added waist or impurities. Trout introduced into the river will have their own waste to add. The brackish water from the desalination process will feed the algae as well.

As the Algae grows and the algae meets a certain size and mass, on part of the lazy river there is a gauntlet for separating the lipids of the algae from the growth by several methods in a series. These methods are created by pulses and sounds to not pulverize the algae, but to disturb it enough to let loose the oil lipids in the algae.

At a point past the disrupter methods the oil that has floated to the top will be siphoned off by a skimmer on the surface of the river that dips into the water more than 1 inch deep and across the width of the river at a 45% angle.

The skimmer feeds to the gathering drain that has a series of 2 mesh baskets to collect impurities while a pump is able to draw the oil and water mixture into a container. The bottom of the container has a drain allowing the water to be pumped back into the river to further circulate. After a certain period of time the container will be full of only Algae Oil. Then the oil is transferred to a storage container to be stored and used.

This method is to be duplicated over and over and the philosophy of this extraction process is to not try to yield all the oil at once but keep the process perpetuating creating the oil at its highest levels with the algae at its biggest mass is able to create more and more oil without destroying the growth of the algae.