Health Care Pod

The Asclepius

Let’s re-examine the doctors examining room.

When you don't feel good, the last thing you want to do is get out of bed and go to the doctors office, wait in the waiting room enjoying whatever leftover germs are there, then wait in a examining room enjoying those germs of the previous sick patients. With the evolution of self driving cars people are not yet ready to trust the driving experience. But what if you can call up a self driving car to come to your home or office as a healthcare pod. Enter the pod’s code texted to you.

Once in the seat the screen in front will prompt for users information, insurance and verification. An operator comes on the screen with questions regarding needs. The seat weighs you, determines your height. Disposable pads to check your temperature. Possibly check your blood pressure.The pod is equipped with a camera that can look focusing in your throat or in your ear collecting those images for future reference for your file and sharing with specialists or your general practitioner.

Then the doctor comes on the screen to ask the relevant questions due to your aches and pains. If the doctor deems it necessary for further diagnostics they can transfer you to a specialist to have them view you in real time or share the findings for assessment and call back.

If a cardiac event starts, the pod can take to the hospital. Once a user has left the pod the pod self fumigates the interior of all germs giving confidence to the next user that all contaminants have been eliminated.