Opt-In Digital Marketing

Opt-in Digital marketing will redefine the way marketing is done in the digital world.

Opt-in Digital Marketing- is a 100% GDPR compliant marketing platform that users engage to see Ads by choice. The user has a choice to view the offers and engage in the offers if they wish. Why would a user engage with these ads? Offers with each ad may include asking for users information or asking for answers to a short questionnaire and in doing so the advertiser will give either discounts, free gifts, promo codes, or any other enticement they wish to give directly to the user. The rewards may be saved by the user in a wallet for later or re-gifted by the user to other friends. The advertiser makes a direct connection B2C with the user to retain their information for future communications and/or drip campaigns. The advertiser is providing gifts in return for that direct contact with the user. If the user does not like the product/service or what is being offered they do not engage and therefore none of the person's information is shared.The user may also wish to purchase the product or service offered and is rewarded with immediate discounts and rewards. B2B-We the provider of this exclusive platform shall receive .30c for each engagement of a user and each partner using the API will receive half(.15) if the engagement was made from their website or app platform. The advertiser has the ability to run multiple alternating campaigns. The more an ad is clicked and engaged, the premium placement of the ad will rise. PR firms and other advertisers may purchase a tile and alternate marketing their clients products and services.