TIKTOK Voting & Fundraising

Celebrating- Gifting- Rewarding- Supporting

TOP Family Friendly Parent approved TRENDING TIKTOK’s Watch & YOU vote for the most Awesome TIKTOK of the year. Vote as often as you like the proceeds for voting go to children's charities

ALL THE BEST OF TIKTOK woven into our AWESOME social feed all family friendly, parent approved(me) top trending TIKTOKS for users to vote for the most AWESOME TikTok of the year. Each vote is made with a kindness koin worth 5c each. All votes go to support children’s charities. (The top 20 tiktok Awesome creators of the year will each have a say of which children's charities will receive the funding.)

Kindness Koins are digital tokens that users can get for free by watching ads or inviting friends to join, or users can purchase as many as they like. When a user receives Kindness Koins from others in Awesome they can redeem for gift cards to their favorite restaurants and stores like Amazon, Target, Apple, Disney and Play Station, just to name a few or users can redeem for $cash through PayPal. We invented Kindness Koins as a fun way to celebrate another with a small gift of gratitude and appreciation.

Users, Influencers and video creators can have fun sharing video kindness challenges for others to join, then all users joining, sharing their videos of doing the act of kindness creates a beautiful ripple effect. All users on Awesome can reward each video shared with a like or with kindness koins, making it a fun way for creators to monetize and be rewarded for their efforts.
Helping Fundraise for teachers, schools, groups and charities with Kindness Koins. Creating a fundraising video for others to join and all the kindness koins received will go to the original creator/fundraiser. All users on Awesome can join helping fundraise creating a video joining the challenge and each kindness koin received from the joined video will go to the original fundraiser.
Games account for 30% of apps in the app stores, Awesome adds the gaming quality of engaging in the positive fun challenges and receiving points that accumulate and level up at each level there is a different color and an animated explosion celebrating their efforts. Using points to purchase fun animated upgrades for your profile in the virtual store.