Positive – Social Networking – Game

A free Social Networking platform for users to share kindness in society by sharing, gifting and rewarding kindness. Creating a ripple effect that spreads kindness around the world.

Enjoy Sharing Awesome Tik Tok style videos and Kindness Challenges. Celebrating Friends, Family and Followers, Gifting Animated Gold Kindness Koins that they can exchange for Gift cards to restaurants, grocery and shopping around the World. Level up in a Social Network game for good earning points participating in kindness challenges and exchange those points to gift a philanthropy or enhance your personal profile with choosing from the many offered virtual animated upgrades in the virtual store. Giving, Gaming and Sharing Kindness.

Enjoy Awesome Challenges to spread more positivity in the world. There are a variety of challenges, from simple to more difficult. From “cupcakes for kindness” and “thumb wrestle your neighbor” to “10,000 puppies” (focusing on helping the Humane Society by adopting pets), these challenges can be joined by sharing your own videos and sharing your experience. When you participate you earn points and Level up and up with your halo glowing brighter and changing colors with each level of accumulating points.

Purchase Kindness Koins to gift to friends to help them level up in Awesome, in the form of a shiny animated gold token of choice. There are animated Kindness Koins of Love, Laugher, Awesome, and Happy Birthday. The points you purchase cannot be used personally to level up. Friends receiving will be able to exchange the kindness koins for gift cards to restaurants,groceries and shopping around the world.