TIKTOK Voting and Fundraising- Celebrate Reward and Support your Awesome Friends and Followers, now available free in Apple App Store and on Google Play.

A free mobile application available only in Apple App Store. Give an Awesome is a fun content creation meme generator messaging tool.

Forever Awesome

Remembering the most awesome people in your life. memorializing them on Forever.Awesome.One Sharing a photo, who they are and description of how Awesome they were. You are able to share this link out with theirname.forever.awesome.one as an individual link for others to express comments or love of the forever awesome person

Opt-In Digital Marketing

Opt-in Digital Marketing- is a 100% GDPR compliant marketing platform that users engage to see Ads by choice. The user has a choice to view the offers and engage in the offers if they wish. Why would a user engage with these ads? Offers with each ad may include asking for users information or asking for answers to a short questionnaire and in doing so the advertiser will give either discounts, free gifts, promo codes, or any other enticement they wish to give directly to the user.

The Best source for creating Algae oil and repetitive growth of Algae is through an open-air Algae photobioreactor method.

70% of the World is Water and only 2.5% is Fresh Water. The idea of the Awesome Company is to Harvest Ocean water for thermal desalination, heating the salt water to boiling and taking the water derived from the steam, turning it into pure drinking water.

Shine Your Light

The #1 Aggregator of Positive Awesome News on the Planet. Seeking those inspirational Stories of the best of Humanity.

Kindness Koin

Users can Gift Animated Gold Kindness Koins in Awesome that come with 1000 points to level up friends and followers and they can exchange those Kindness Koins for Gift cards to restaurants, grocery and shopping around the World.

Awesome Wall of Fame

Celebrate the most Awesome People, Businesses or Philanthropy as The.Awesome.One

BABIES are AWESOME. You have the most Awesome Baby in the World and we want to help you celebrate. This Baby already has changed the World for the better just by showing up.

Health Care Pod

Let’s re-examine the doctors examining room. When you don’t feel good, the last thing you want to do is get out of bed and go to the doctor’s office, wait in the waiting room enjoying whatever leftover germs are there, then wait in an examining room enjoying those germs of the previous sick patients.

Generic Pharmaceutical Drugs

Generic drug sales should have more competition.


Growing the most diverse group of plant specimens on the planet and testing them to solve the needs of humanity.

Community Service Platform

Project Coming Soon…