A mobile application promoting the spread of positivity, which is now available free on iTunes and Google Play.

A free mobile application available only on iTunes/iOS. Give an Awesome is a fun content creation tool.

Typographic Images are not hard to create. With the right planning, font classes and ample imaginative energy, anyone with the right tools can make a typographic image.

Opt-In Digital Marketing

Radio and TV have always created content and within that content share ads from sponsors of the programming. Our culture has now the digital influence of our handheld devices and social enjoyment of multiple platforms. This is a more personal space than has ever been created. Now the same traditional form of advertising is getting rejected by users as intrusive. Opt-In Digital marketing will redefine the way marketing is done in the digital world.

The Best source for creating Algae oil and repetitive growth of Algae is through an open-air Algae photobioreactor method.

70% of the World is Water and only 2.5% is Fresh Water. The idea of the Awesome Company is to create a clear pyramid for the use of desalination heating the salt water to boiling and taking the water derived from the steam.

The byproduct of the desalination process is extracting the salt from the sea water. Salt can be enjoyed and reused towards a molten Salt based sun energy platform.

From the use of the outside of the Awesome Freshwater Pyramid, the desalination brackish water along with rainwater running down the outside capturing the small amounts of hydro energy of the water as it goes into the Algae Photobioreactor and recirculated.

Superconductivity is electricity with no resistance. The loss in the transference of energy in traditional ways can be as high as 12%.

The tire is the most important part of a vehicle regarding safety. There were approximately 11,000 related tire accidents according to NHTSA in 2017.

Health Care Pod

Let’s re-examine the doctors examining room. When you don’t feel good, the last thing you want to do is get out of bed and go to the doctor’s office, wait in the waiting room enjoying whatever leftover germs are there, then wait in an examining room enjoying those germs of the previous sick patients.

Generic Pharmaceutical Drugs

Generic drug sales should have more competition.


Growing the most diverse group of plant specimens on the planet and testing them to solve the needs of humanity.

Community Service Platform

Project Coming Soon…