Positive – Social Networking – Game

A mobile application promoting the spread of positivity, which is now available free on iTunes and Google Play. This free Social Networking platform encourages users to share positivity in society by generating messages about their Awesome World.

Sharing with family, friends, followers, by uploading links, videos or sharing a photo/message. The more users share, the more their Awesome Points grow and the more a users Awesome Ring glows brighter and brighter. Awesome allows you to share your Awesome World to your other social channels and invite friends and followers to join in on making the world more Awesome.

Enjoy Awesome Challenges to spread more positivity in the world. There are a variety of challenges, from simple to more difficult. From “take your spouse to lunch” and “thumb wrestle your neighbor” to “10,000 puppies” (focusing on helping the Humane Society by adopting pets), these tasks can be done by sharing photos or videos and sharing your experience. Level up and up with your ring glowing brighter and more colorful with each level of accumulating points.

Purchase points to gift to friends to help them level up in Awesome, in the form of a shiny animated token of choice. There are animated Awesome tokens of Love, Laugh, Awesome, and Happy Birthday. The points you purchase cannot be used personally to level up.