The Awesome Company created the We Love You Foundation to be the philanthropic arm of supporting youth and charities around the World. Providing fun opportunities for viral philanthropy through kindness challenge videos. Blessing people and videos from around the World with Kindness Koins in Awesome. Then Awesome through the We Love You Foundation exchanging those Kindness Koins gifts to dollars to fund Charities.“Harnessing the Power of Technology to advance humanity”. This is the Goal of The Awesome Company.

Supporting Viral Philanthropy and Charities around the World

Viral philanthropy is something new and allows an average individual to decide how to present and appeal to help fundraise with followers. For instance, people can solicit donations through their Kindness Challenge videos inviting others to join by either donating kindness koins or joining creating a similar video showing the same act of kindness or solicitation intended to raise money for a particular cause. These e-philanthropists can share video posts on all social networking sites sharing and gaining momentum for the cause. The charity tagged on each video leads to a profile that displays a snippet of information about the charity, the amount of kindness koins raised and a tab to send a donation to the organization. The “We Love You” Foundation 501c3 helps The Awesome Company supporting all efforts through Kindness Koins giving to charities. Converting Kindness Koins giving to dollars and paying out to each charity.

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