The We Love You Foundation is supporting teachers, youth, families and charities around the World. Providing fun opportunities for viral philanthropy to help where needed most.

We Give the Gift of Giving. Providing individuals and groups immediate funding,gifts or gift cards. Providing materials to build and equipment to do the jobs needed to provide necessary services to those in need. We fill the gap where funding is needed. Dispersing help through kindness challenge videos to create the ripple effect of viral support through all social channels. “Harnessing the Power of Technology to advance humanity”. This is our Goal.

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Supporting Viral Philanthropy and Charities around the World

Viral philanthropy is something new and allows an average individual to decide
how to present and appeal to help fundraise with followers. For instance,
people can solicit donations through their Kindness Challenge videos inviting
others to join by either donating kindness koins or joining creating a similar
video showing the same act of kindness or solicitation intended to raise money
for a particular cause. These e-philanthropists can share video posts on all
social networking sites sharing and gaining momentum for the cause. The
charity tagged on each video leads to a profile that displays a snippet of
information about the charity, the amount of kindness koins raised and a tab
to send a donation to the organization. The “We Love You” Foundation 501c3
helps supporting all efforts through Kindness Koins giving to charities.
Converting Kindness Koins giving to dollars and paying out to each charity.
These efforts include:

Kindness Challenge Videos fundraising

Games For Good fundraising

Voting for the Awesome Awards fundraising

Direct donations on Charity Pages

We Love You Foundation partners with AWESOME AWESOME is a Family friendly video sharing game for good. EARN kindness koin$ to give blessing others. When received, kindness koin$ can be redeemed for Cash or Gift Cards. Empowering you with the gift of giving to spread kindness around the World. The more you watch, the more kindness koin$ you earn to give away. Invite friends and get more kindness koins when they join. Watch video ads to get more kindness koins to give.Everyone that joins gets a free Kindness Koin. Enjoy the good feeling of giving to bless others. Your Kindness Koins can help teachers, charities or bless friends who are awesome. AWESOME profit shares giving part of the Advertising revenue to users to bless others around the World.


Make sure to tag your stories of gifting,kindness and inspiration with our #shineyourlight from all social channels and enjoy seeing them showcased for all to see on